Gutema Firisa Construction

Gutema Firisa Construction (GF.CON) a grade one building contractor (BC-1) in Ethiopia. our company Is a young private multidisciplinary construction firm, Established in accordance with Ethiopian commercial Law in 2000, Oromia region, Ethiopia. The Contractor providing professional services in a wide range of civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineering works. GF.CON is registered and licensed under the existing authorizing agency to carry out the general construction works and provide services in a wide range of engineering projects.

The company is founded & staffed by a team of highly qualified national professionals, with vast practical experience in the field of many engineering activities.

In order to carry through all aspects of any nature of construction assignment, the contractor ensures availability of considerable number of suitably qualified and experienced engineers, skilled labors specialists that will be required for the successful undertaking of construction works. This has been proven in a number of construction works.

GF-CON has connection with highly reputable foreign international engineering firms in Europe. It tenders in association with these international firms on big contracts.

The notable qualification, competence and long years of proven experience of its staff combined with its strong technological skills of its production line staffs enable the firm tackle assignment of any engineering nature projects effectively to the satisfaction of the client to the required quality and standard in areas that could precisely represent difficult working environment.

GF-CON staffs experience on the construction goes back more than ten years when construction of significant number of projects was carried through while working in government and private companies.

In engineering design aspects, GF-CON professionals were the leading engineers when carrying through reconnaissance, pre-feasibility studies of a number of projects throughout the country.